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Ramu Valley Academy | Madang, Papua New Guinea

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These are those who are now reached. They are men, women, and children of the

Ramu Valley who need our help in making their vision a reality. 

"My name is Jojo and I live in a small corner of the Inapang tribe, which is located in a 3rd world country called Papua New Guinea. I am 13 years old and became a believer in Jesus Christ through missionaries who came to learn the Inapang language. I passed from the mission’s Bridge courses and entered into the PNG school system. Sometimes, we would go for weeks or months without a teacher. Sometimes we would then have to repeat the whole grade again. I have spent 2 1/2 years trying to complete Grade 5.  I cried many times because I just wanted the teachers to do the job they were being paid for. I wanted to learn. I wanted to become a doctor. I wanted to help people. But, now I just feel hopeless. I am happy to be a Christian and I know that when I die, I will go to heaven. But, what about my time here on earth? Does God have work for me? I am smart and I want to help others, but I worry about what my future will be like. If the Ramu Valley Academy becomes a reality, then I will be one of the first eligible students to attend and I am happy about this, but we can’t make it happen alone.  We need you.  Please help us make this dream come true."