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The RVA School has had some major greenlights mixed in with some obstacles along the way. A project this large is hard to predict and so we are thankful that as we encounter trials and triumphs that we know the hand that is leading in both. The curriculum has been a HUGE undertaking and still is.  But, one of the hurdles has been how to provide a quality Christian curriculum and still have the government approval for it since it wouldn’t be PNG curriculum.  If they don’t approve, it would mean that our students are not permitted to sit for their national exams, which is their only pathway into the tertiary levels of education here.  THE LORD PROVIDES!  We are in the final stages of being approved for a government curriculum that allows the flexibility for us to weave in the critical thinking, literary, biblical and other input and subjects and still receive accreditation from the PNG government educational department. On the side of the physical building of the classrooms, we have met a few obstacles in the area of actual manpower. A couple of teams this year had to cancel, which put our timeline behind schedule a bit, but also provided time to have all the supplies bought and stacked and ready to go when help arrives.  WE NEED TO PRAY for physical construction help!  We have another couple of teams scheduled between now and next spring and that will be encouraging to us. What did get done so far?  The shipping and receiving of all overseas supplies including the tractor and tools needed, the workshop is complete, the guesthouse is complete with water tank, outdoor toilet, and cooking house.  The Itutang church also sent a team of men out to partially fence in the RVA property that will be the school buildings and the local community ladies have helped us to begin landscaping it. The first teacher house, which we hope we will move into next month has been about 90% completed. Because of the lack of physical classroom space at this time, we are considering pushing back the timeline. Please pray for us as we think through how to best go forward.  He is a God who does not work on our timelines and we are excited to see what He has in store.  Land of the Unexpected is the theme of PNG and of our lives lived here. We thought we would be working full time on RVA and the translation project by now, but when the orientation coordinator for this year's program had to leave suddenly for the death of his mother-in-law, we stepped back into full time orientation. This has also slowed our RVA progress but is part of being a team here with NTM-PNG. Please pray for the 7 families that we are working with as well as the NTM leadership as they look for a long-term replacement for us in the equipping/orientation process that we have been involved in here for the past 5 years. The Heavies Within and Without – Evangelism and Discipleship is on our minds more and more. While it is easy to get excited about reaching unreached places with the gospel, we are seeing more and more that there is truly is a need for long-term discipleship here in PNG. And, we are thankful for the vision of RVA and what it may be able to provide in the future years. A new undertaking is not without its opposition though and so we would ask that you would pray for us.  Spiritual conflict has been very evident in the last few months and we want to guard our hearts from being hurt or bitter to those who might oppose. With each obstacle, it seems the Lord brings along another voice of encouragement and for that we are thankful. However, we want to learn to work for that "audience of one" always. Whether we are encouraged or condemned we must work with our eyes focused on the one who commissioned and the one who will judge. Pray that we would grow old gracefully embracing the struggles with joy and trusting him more and more.

We are SO excited about the future of RVA and are privileged to be a part of it!

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