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Safely Home...and ready for 2022

"O Lord, you have been our home in all generations."

Dear RVA Support Team, Happy first day of 2022! W are all, indeed, safely home in Papua New Guinea! Craig and Marcy are in Goroka enjoying a Christmas break. Bill made it back the first week of December and I made it back yesterday with Marissa. We are very thankful for this as there were many opportunities for paperwork and air travel difficulties along our 3-day long travel itineraries. He has been very kind and I am writing you from our little PNG home. Ramu Valley Academy 2022 Academic Year will be busy. We will have another 16 students joining us and we are thrilled! Twelve students will be coming from four of our Inapang tribal church plants. One student will be from a town location as his father is from our home village of Itutang and he is a nephew of one of our church elders. Another two will be coming from the local area around the school – the son of our local Council and then a nephew of our local Magistrate. The last student is an exciting one for us a daughter of one of the Dinanagat church elders. We are excited to link the churches together in this new way and to serve the Dinangat church! Please pray for these girls and boys as they prepare to begin their educational journey with RVA! Pray that their hearts will be soft towards us and towards the gospel. Also, pray for our little RVA team as we are back on the ground and have a lot of practical work to get done to be ready! Home Team Thank you so much for praying for us. Thanks to those of you who are giving consistently to the Ramu Valley Academy or have chosen to make the six-year commitment to sponsor a student. These things are such an important role, and we couldn’t be making progress with these students and their families if you weren’t giving in these ways. We are so thankful for the team that is working together with us to see Christ made much of in this next generation of the local tribal churches here in Papua New Guinea. We will be posting pictures of the arrivals and the orientation week when it happens the end of January, so if you have facebook or are able to check us out on a friend’s account, then you can follow their journey online. By God’s Grace & For His Glory~ The RVA Team

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