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Lord, Our Hope is in YOU Alone

Since we wrote to you last, our RVA team has been B.U.S.Y!!! The washroom has been constructed and is now in the painting and fitting stages, the beautiful sidewalks are almost complete, the bridge access is complete and the ocean side land is being developed a bit, the sleeping houses for the students are complete and landscaping is starting to take place as we clean up the building sites, curriculum scope and sequences are set and teacher’s lesson templates and plans developed and….we are all getting a bit antsy to just kick this thing off already!

Our latest and greatest praise, however, is for a special person joining our RVA team!

Marissa Myers has pretty much set her face like flint and moved forward persistently over the past year. Sometimes with mere baby steps, thanks to Covid, but nonetheless forward, always forward, to joining this team and to have the privilege of investing in the next generation here in PNG. She is in quarantine right now up in the highlands until the 25th of November and we hope to receive her on a Kodiak flight here in Madang on the 27th…a blessed Thanksgiving gift from the Lord.

Pray for us!

> For prepared hearts of our team and our students for whatever 2021 will bring

> For minds that are stayed on Christ when things get overwhelmingly busy and we feel our not-enough-ness in BIG ways

> For love for Jesus that spills into each other and the lives of these kids

> That in 8-10 years, these first fruits will accomplish great gospel things for God’s glory

> That these kids would SEE JESUS in our everyday mundane life activities and be drawn closer to him

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