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His Plans Are ALWAYS Perfect

As we come to the close of 2020, I think all of us would agree that there have been better years. These are the times when it is good to remind ourselves that our God is GOOD and He is SOVEREIGN - all the time and that there is nothing outside of his magnificent plan that will culminate in the Return of the King. As we review the year’s events, one of the things that impacted us most was, of course, CoVid19. The travel bans delivered the biggest punch to our RVA team as we cancelled four building teams that amassed to about 480 man hours of work that fell heavily on the shoulders of our team here. One of our missionary friends has a Richard Baxter quote on the wall of her little house in the tribe that asks us the question….is not eternity long enough for your rest? So, with our eyes lifted off CoVid and fixed on eternity, here is what is going on in RVA in our little corner of the world right now.

RVA Team & Timeline Progress Our RVA team is geared up and ready to teach! Many hours have been spent thinking and writing curriculum specifically for these transitional days and we are thrilled to be on the precipice of teaching our first classes. The schedule and curriculum includes daily habits, spiritual disciplines, Bible teaching, logic and the normal educational endeavors. Please, please, please pray for our first RVA students as they make preparations to come!

RVA construction has finished up most of Phase 1, with a couple more builds outstanding. Time and Labor have made it hard to finish up everything for staff houses and library, but we are sitting pretty with the things we need to get started teaching. The washhouse got a PNG mural added by a local artist group and is just beautiful and we have decided to add a small shower house running on well water to help keep everyone clean. Pray for this last project as we try and finish it up in the coming weeks before classes begin. There are a lot of little last minutes to clean up and we would appreciate your prayers that the Lord would make our time “fat”. This is a prayer we have prayed since our early village days and have seen him answer and get things done that we never thought we’d have time for – so pray with us and let’s watch how He does it again!

RVA Students are starting to form a team here at the school and work on some projects together. Urban Students- We have 4 community students living here in town. They served a beautiful dinner with us for the RVA student families and the local leaders and we practiced some music together as entertainment for the dinner, which ended up going really well. (See more pictures on facebook at the Ramu Valley Academy page.) We are so excited to have the Lord begin to knit all of our hearts together as a team. Rural Students from the Valley – The students have paid their school fees and are getting ready to move to our "Grace Place" in town were they will stay as they attend RVA. They each have a prayer partner and sponsor from our home churches and we will begin settling them in on January 20th. Please pray for us as we make all the last minute preparations and get ready for “Welcoming Day” and the first days of RVA orientation.

RVA Kick Off & Grand Opening!

The school’s first day of regular classes will kick off January 25th! The first term will be super intense for our staff team as we work through the newly written RVA FOUNDATIONS curriculum, which reviews concepts from grades 4-6, allowing us to isolate areas of deficiency in each individual student’s education and catch them up on those specific areas. This will make it easier for us to move into the PNG curriculum as a class team, not leaving anyone behind along the way. It will also be an intense time for the students as we use this first term to move them into full time English usage (their government language). Pray for all of us to be ready and willing to work and for brains that can keep up. Again, it sounds like a lot of work, but our teaching team is ECSTATIC to BEGIN! We LOVE this job!

RVA Friends & Sponsors THANK YOU! We love being your hands and feet and a steward of your gifts to the Ramu Valley Academy and the students here. Please know that you are a HUGE part of this team and that you are loved and appreciated!

Because He Is Worth It,

The RVA Team

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