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The Short Financial Update before we head to Itutang for a couple of months...

“…in your goodness, O God, you provided for the needy.” Ps.68:10

Bill bought RVA a wheelbarrow and we are ready to get to soon as we return from our visit into Itutang...see you again January 3rd!!!

When we officially started RVA fundraising the last week of February this year, we felt like a huge mountain was before us. But, we met and talked with many of you and you cheered us on with your giving. Then, the Lord encouraged our hearts by providing a large matching grant before returning to the field in August. When we said we would love to have the funds raised by the end of October, we got some really crazy looks, but we understood and knew we sounded crazy!!! However, here we are 7 months later and between your giving and a donation that came a few days ago, our Totals of donations and promised matching funds are $499,210.02!!!!! That means that we have only $44,789.98 left to raise! Only God’s amazing grace!!!

We leave for the bush next week (if the helicopter is put back together by then - please pray!) and cannot WAIT to talk with our elders and the believers who are praying for the school! Their dream of safe and godly education for their children is transforming into a reality through the pure Grace of our Good Father! So thankful for the Body of Christ living and working around us to make this happen!

Thankful to KNOW God,

The RVA Team

Want to know more about how to help us reach the Fundraising Finish Line? Click here and join the RVA team!!!

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