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Breaking the Silence

“Who has done such might deeds,

summoning each new generation from the beginning of time?

It is I, the LORD, the First and the Last. I alone am he.” Is.41.4

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,

The first order of business in this update is a heart-felt APOLOGY. This is the longest breech in my writing since we hit the field in 2003, eighteen years ago and I am truly sorry. Although we have continued to update the facebook page with short blurbs and pictures and prayer requests, we haven’t kept up with the email updates and for that, we are sorry…No excuses. Well, I might have a few excuses, but still…we are delinquent, and we know it. Please forgive.

The Ramu Valley Academy… in General

We spent the last three months of 2020 making lists and checking them twice… not for Santa, but for our grand opening of RVA! We welcomed 17 students into our lives and began orientation in January of 2021 (following the Australian/PNG school calendar). The students were put through orientation which included physical care and hygiene, accommodations and dorm requirements, and the “RVA Way” school requirements. These kids coming from the bush really stepped up and throughout the year pushed themselves spiritually, physically, and mentally and we are really proud of them all. We look at them and we see your prayers at work. At RVA, we only speak and write in English. This is because of government mandate as English is the government language of Papua New Guinea. Most PNG citizen speak their mother tongue and the national creole, but not a lot of English, so we want to help them learn their designated government language. RVA students are also only permitted to enter through 7th grade. This is because the first term of 7th grade, they must complete the “Foundations” course. Once they have completed this 9-week course, we begin the 7th grade PNG government curriculum. Using the PNG curriculum allows our students to enter the PNG tertiary levels of education if they should choose to do so later.

Our RVA Students

…are AWESOME! These kids are mostly from very remote places where educational possibilities are not only limited, but failing. They LOVE being at school. They come early and seek out direction and help. They thank us…even when we are handing out disciplinary consequences. They work hard and play hard and they learn to do things much differently sometimes than what they are used to and we love them all very much. We will be adding another set of new students into our mix this coming year. Be praying for each of their hearts to be open and their minds to be pliable as we begin to work with them!

Government and Local Support for RVA

Has been incredible. The Lord through a long, crazy event line has put some very wonderful and influential people in our lives. Many of them have already spent time orienting and encouraging our students during our PNG Citizen “Mentor Mondays.”

Thank You

As we always say, "We love this job" and we are so thankful that we get to do it. We are so thankful for you because if you weren’t doing what you do, we couldn’t do what we do. Thank you for continuing to support the Ramu Valley Academy and its vision for the next generation!

The RVA Team

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