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Be Still and KNOW

Hello to all of our RVA Friends out there. These are crazy times and PNG is not exempt. WE are thankful for the two teams (NCA, Goroka, PNG and BBC, Maryville, TN) who came and raised the roof on the four classroom building! It was a blast working beside these guys and they provided manpower and encouragement to our souls in the process. Thanks to all of you who helped!

As many of you have heard, PNG has issued a 14-day lockdown and temporarily closed provincial borders. The government has been vigilant and we are thankful for a Prime Minister who called the country to Pray and Fast and ask for God's protection.

We had several building teams coming this summer and fall and now things are uncertain. Please pray for us in the midst of the chaos to Be Still and Know, to trust more, to know His plan is perfect - not just say it, but SHOW it in our actions to the watching world-, to wait on his timing, and to trust that He doesn't just do good - He is intrinsically...GOOD. The very definition.

We love this job. And we love doing it together as a team with all of you. Please know that we are encouraged in the work here in PNG. And, although there is much uncertainty and a thousand others changes from day to day….it is well with our souls. We are especially meditating on Psalm 46 and relishing the thought that we can be still and know that He is God and will be exalted among the nations. We are not in fear of an untimely death. We know that the one who marked our birth day has marked our last day and that both days were written with the purest ink flowing from an unconditional perfect love.



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